The process is straightforward.  Collaborative divorce occurs outside the litigation process like mediation, but it differs from mediation in that it is attorney driven like litigation since your attorneys are with you in the conference room to make sure you are not being pushed around by the other side.

You and your spouse will each retain a family law attorney who is trained in the collaborative divorce process.  The attorneys are required to sign an agreement that requires that both attorneys resign if litigation is required or threatened.  If this occurs, you will need to start all over again and retain new attorneys to litigate the divorce.  

Supporters of the process highlight the fact that while the adversarial litigation process promotes secrecy and posturing the collaborative divorce process fosters cooperation and candor.  Since the process occurs outside the court system, you are not required to go to court conferences or adhere to court imposed deadlines. 

The collaborative divorce process increases the chances for a more expeditious and less costly way to resolve your divorce if sucessful.