Corey M. Shapiro

"So much of what I do is relationship based and driven by the nature of the partnerships I build with my clients. The more actively I listen, the better I understand my client's objectives. This is key to building trust and creating fair and reasonable resolutions that are at the crux of my practice."

Corey M. Shapiro, Esq., is known for skillfully representing clients in challenging family law matters. Mr. Shapiro's focus is on efficient, responsive and practical representation, whether it be within the context of negotiation, litigation or mediation. Martindale-Hubbell peer reviews describe him as an “outstanding advocate” and "knowledgeable, solution oriented, and compassionate."

Mr. Shapiro is guided by these principles:

Think First; Talk Later. Mr. Shapiro thinks before he speaks. He uses his calm, quiet demeanor to be heard amid all of the noise and chaos. In fact, Mr. Shapiro has found that the most powerful lawyers are often the best listeners.

Focus on Depth. Mr. Shapiro seeks depth over breadth. He knows how to ask great questions and carefully listen to the answers. 

Exude Calmness and be Prepared. Mr. Shapiro is trained in mediation. In times of crisis, he projects a reassuring, calm confidence. Whenever he appears at a deposition, in court, or a settlement meeting, the secret to his success can be summed up in one word: preparation. 

Drawing on these principles, Mr. Shapiro cuts to the chase, delivering straightforward advice that minimizes unnecessary conflict.

Before launching his firm in 2013, Mr. Shapiro was a partner in a New York City-based boutique law firm, where he began his legal career and first earned his reputation as a passionate attorney with deep integrity.