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The resources below are for people going through a difficult divorce. The tools, techniques and strategies here are aimed at giving you the skills to manage your emotions and reactions, so you can make better decisions in the heat of stress and pressure. 

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When you’re involved in a high-conflict divorce, it can feel as though you’ve been thrown into a boxing ring with an opponent you need to defend yourself against at all costs. The problem is that at first—and even well into the process—you may not understand the art of the fight, what strategies are being used against you, and what strategies might be most effective against the other party. 

So I’d like to break down a few basic styles and tactics that I commonly see, and coach you—or anyone caught in a high-conflict divorce—on what’s going on, and how to respond. These fundamentals won’t turn you into your own lawyer, but they’ll help you see what’s happening, what’s important, and what you need to do to stay sane and effective.


→Litigation is a time consuming process.
→Choose the right divorce attorney for you.
→You will need a good support network.
→The judge is a decider not an oracle (in most cases).
→The perception of your credibility trumps the truth.
→The law is merely a reference point.


→Early mediation leads to superior results.
→Mediate what you can.
→A mediator is not a judge.
→Timeline is important.


→Smart financial planning.
→Good faith.
→Insurance (redux).


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